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Diary of a pupil: Know Thyself

Possibly, the sentence “know thyself” is one of the most known sensational quotes: perhaps because it’s engraved on the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, or because many great characters throughout history restated this concept several times, associating … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Gurdjieff’s “Human Factory”: The “Scale of Matter” and the “Three Foods”

Possibly, the most interesting and challenging topic in the teaching of Gurdjieff, is what is commonly known as the “transmutation of energy”. Here, I would like to introduce the first of a series of posts which will be devoted to … Continue reading

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You, Yourself are the Eye of the Storm

Natural awareness means simply living in the Now without any expedient. Simply being in the moment. Neither before, nor after. Only when we are in the moment can we focus our attention and our mind with intention, like a laser. … Continue reading

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Leting Go – a further and deeper meaning

Letting go is a term that can be interpreted from many points of view, and new meanings could always be discovered which are useful to our “living” in this world – useful to find the so desired and much pursued … Continue reading

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Happiness- That “Mystery”

There is a huge difference between experiencing a moment of happiness and being happy. A permanent and complete happiness is exclusively a result of the understanding of ourselves, of the freedom to express what we are, and of the capacity … Continue reading

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My New Book: “The Meaning and Practice of Action”

Finally, a short but solid collection of posts regarding the meaning of action, that, with a little “goodwill”, can be translated into practical reality by every one of you: “The Meaning and Practice of Action”, the “thorn in the side” … Continue reading

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Coming To Ourselves

Self-development is the path that allows us to “come to ourselves” – specifically, to our True Nature. Such a Path is all but easy: indeed, we need time to accomplish it. The more we are reluctant to renounce instant results … Continue reading

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Types of “Influences”

After a “little” pause, I have returned to write more posts, and this time, I would like to speak about a topic which seems to be of specific interest to many people, as indicated by the emails I receive. This … Continue reading

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I think it’s the quietness of the place, of the green slopes of the mountains, the beauty of the trees and the cleanliness, that and other things, has made the pressure and the strain far greater; the head has been … Continue reading

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The Three Minute Breathing Space- a “simple” pactice in Observation

Here Follows a simple (but not so easy) exercise proposed by Jon Kabat Zinn. At the beginning, practice it for three minutes at set times, three times a day, then you can extend the duration of the practice on 5, 10, … Continue reading

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